Got another manco quester 308 with a few cool features

Just picked another one up, a manco 308 and its got some unusual features like a comet rear differential/FNR gearbox and the gas tank is the largest i have ever seen on a quester, but looks to show signs of some leaks, hopefully some sort of plastic epoxy can save that. Has the man disc brakes frt and rear, original tires are all decent and hold air, plastic is fixable once i find an epoxy that works on that later more flexible plastic manco used. its got the 296 cc kawasaki flathead on it, runs decent and might just leave it on there. I found a tag on there that has all the info, so need to clean that up and see whats on it. The frame is the first style without the kicked in down tubes. I will probably fix this one up for the wife since it has the rear diff that makes turnin a breeze, so as long as i can make it goes 35-40 mph or so, thats fast enough for her 105 lb butt.

IMG_0485.JPG IMG_0487.JPG IMG_0488.JPG IMG_0489.JPG IMG_0490.JPG 425331505_421205933848895_6725950882412467193_n.jpg 425335844_1087596632541857_8186374954974941444_n.jpg 427595692_1104264840885676_2307092914602933220_n.jpg IMG_0486.JPG
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