Got my hemi today, it's in pieces on my bench already

Decided to start a mini bike project and I'm starting with the motor. Here's what I'm thinking.

Predator Hemi 212, governor delete, oil sensor delete, mild head port
Arc +.20 rod
Dyno Cams CM
22 lb springs
Slipstream flywheel
Nibbi 26PE carb (Keihin clone)

Will be running it with a Juggernaut

What say you?
For the head just radius the sharp short side and keep in mind the height of the short side varies on the hemi from one side to the other Look at the left most mold for a look at the stock shortside of a hemi port and you will see what I mean (1st picture). Also a slight rounding on the roof and streamlining the area around the guide. Don't enlarge the runner if you are using the stock 27/25 valves as a stock runner can support over 80 CFM. I think what your planning will put a smile on your face. 2nd pic is of the modified short side.


Ok porting done and head cleaned. I just rounded that nasty little cliff Mr Ole referred to. Mine actually had a little lip sticking up all the way across for extra turbulence. Anyway, I just grabbed that low hanging fruit and got out of there. I'm only looking for 7k rpm on this.

Jazzed the valve cover up and removed the one way valve from the plate. The oil catch scrubie is still in place.

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Finally got some little pieces I needed and put the long block together. I cut myself on a machined edge and bled all over the piston, so we may be looking at a Christine-type situation now.
I thought it would work just fine as it's the same outlet size as a vm22 and these carbs are typically used on 150cc motors, so I shouldn't be seeing velocity issues running it on a 212.