H25 Tecumseh 1969 birthday boy


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1969 H25, this True mini bike from the factory version engine turns 52 in a few days on November 7th. Took alot of internal parts and a very expensive hard to find muffler to get it back in shape but came out really nice. $800 plus the ride.

419A8166-C68C-49A7-AF34-6C718C788877.jpeg 08D52A76-AB55-4C9C-A041-4B8856B9A323.jpeg DCCD341D-50EA-495E-9B0D-6F8679938377.jpeg 03FA474C-974D-4703-8E3D-79EC57887196.jpeg A8BB9892-04D1-424A-BAA2-D2A6D7104125.jpeg 09B3E661-F13B-400B-8CB7-EA3F0481486B.jpeg

Full build pics/info and even a run video are already posted in the Tecumseh section in this link: 1969 h25 rebuild

Steel sleeve block, bored .010 over (new piston/rings/pin of course) new con rod and replaced crankshaft,
Governor shaft replaced and block was modified and bushing installed to correct wear.
4 angle valve seat cut, oversize intake valve (stainless) installed, new exhaust valve as well. Compression relief port filled and no compression bump on camshaft valve lash set to minimum clearances.
Port deburring/transitioning, with modified/opened up exhaust elbow and good match port on intake.
All mating surfaces trued, Head shaved .015 in the process.
Original carburetor, rebuilt with OEM parts, including a new throttle shaft, etc..
Ignition fully redone, with OEM points/con/and factory Tecumseh plug.
recoil disassembled and serviced new rope installed etc..
NOS correct muffler and NOS correct fuel cap, new fuel line, air filter, seals and gaskets.
All hardware, is correct and original everywhere on the engine except for exhaust locknut (had to use a thin Clinton version nut due to modifications to the elbow)
Painted factory style in single stage automotive urethane, waterslide decaling and repro Tecumseh hang tag.


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What brand and color single stage automotive urethane did you use and what is the heat rating?
I use Nason Fulthane which is a product of Axalta. No idea of heat rating. It’s a color I have the paint supply shop I work with mix for me custom. Thanks for your interest
Hey Marcus, how are you? Took a look back at your motor. Man......that's a beauty. I'm guessing you're probably going to make what..........25 cents an hour for the work you put-in on it? (little joke there, ha) I sold my last Lil Indian project frame to Zoom a while back. If I still had it, I'd probably jump on that. Just my opinion, but if it runs as good as it looks, it would be well worth the money. I'm guessing some may think 2.5 horses aren't enough, but I'd have to respectfully disagree. I think it's plenty enough to push those little wheels fast enough to potentially send any of us to the hospital for an extended stay. (ha) In fact, I'm currently working on a 2.5 HP Honda GXH50 for a project. Soon as I get far enough along, I'll post a pic. Anyway, stay well, and good luck with the sale.