H30 Throttle Assembly question

I just purchased a throttle assembly to use on my Tecumseh H30 engine, and I notice that in order to get the original assembly off, there are two pins holding it to the engine. Do I have to drill those out or pry them off somehow and replace them with screws?

Anyone who's done this before, could you let me know what you did?
Ah okay cool. I think I have to take the whole carb off to get to it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'll post a pic when I'm done.
The one from OldMiniBikes Warehouse comes with the mounting screws and is really easy to set-up. I just opened one last night and was done in 30 mins.
OH and they're almost $10 cheaper at OldMiniBikes vs where you ordered from !!!!!??
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Forget about what he (over) paid, considering who he ordered it from (Ruppparts.com) he is REAL lucky that he got it at all!:laugh: