1. devvysbikes

    Honda GX160 Throttle default at full throttle?

    There are videos explaining my issue. The only way I've been able to fix this is to add a spring that holds the throttle to the right but that's very sketchy and doesn't last long before the spring breaks. Any ideas as to why the governor arm is staying at full throttle instead of none?! I'm so...
  2. E

    Doodlebug 97cc throttle linkage.

    I have this , 97cc that originally came off my Doodlebug. Recently I decided to fix it up and slap it in another frame. I got it all cleaned up and back together today and I want to make sure my throttle linkage is correct. The spring from the throttle arm to the governor arm is always...
  3. M

    sprocket size help

    So I bought a 2002 murray track 2 for $150, the throttle has a connecting wire missing, there is no brake at all, chain is loose, starts to die a couple seconds after starting. I am working on fixing all that, and will be swapping engine with a 212cc preador in a couple months. My question is...
  4. HPE/Muskin Cat Mini Bike Throttle Tube with Clamp (JCPenney's Duster MX)

    HPE/Muskin Cat Mini Bike Throttle Tube with Clamp (JCPenney's Duster MX)

  5. HPE/Muskin Cat Mini Bike Throttle Tube (JCPenney's Duster MX)

    HPE/Muskin Cat Mini Bike Throttle Tube (JCPenney's Duster MX)

  6. HPE/Muskin Cat Mini Bike Throttle Tube Clamps (JCPenney's Duster MX)

    HPE/Muskin Cat Mini Bike Throttle Tube Clamps (JCPenney's Duster MX)

  7. J

    Brand New Coleman BT200X won’t start???

    Bought a brand new Coleman BT200X, had a defective front end, got an exchange next day. Got the new one put together only to have it not start. It’s igniting in the carb but it won’t ignite fully to start the bike itself (sounds like it’s JUST about too). The throttle also wasn’t closing...
  8. FunWithStuff

    Cat Throttle Grip

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone has a picture of what an original gran turismo throttle grip that was used on HPE Muskin mini bikes looks like. I have recently purchased a 7/8 gran turismo grip and may be able to purchase the throttle grip. However the throttle grip is 1 inch and not 7/8 and the...
  9. smalls415

    Coleman BT200x, stock, fresh out the box, will not accelerate..

    Hey All, first post here, hoping to get some answers or feed back! I picked up a Coleman bt200x from Overtons during this quarantine. the minibike came very assembled accept the front. Anyway, got her up and running, oil gas all that good stuff. But for the love of god she will not...
  10. J

    Coleman Ct200u throttle acting weird

    So my Coleman CT200u is acting really strange. I went to fire it up and when the choke is on, the throttle does not work, but when I turn the choke off, it goes full speed ahead, and the throttle does not work to regulate the speed. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  11. leafvillage

    Minibike find at Flea Market

    This past Sunday I found a minibike it is a Blitz frame with a Honda GX110 3.5 HP but missing a few things. I just noticed I forgot to take a pic of the chain side. I measured it so I think it takes a 3/4" centrifugal clutch. I am looking for help from the members on what parts to order for it...
  12. Throttle Assembly

    Throttle Assembly

    Top plate throttle assembly for Predator 212
  13. 20190525_100728.jpg


    Cable work.
  14. markus

    addition to: Advice for hooking up your Tecumseh Carb / Throttle Linkage on Small H

    just an addition to already posted "sticky" thread on throttle hookup for the small frame sized 2.5-5hp sized mini bike engines: Its not noted in the thread and I have seen it in the...
  15. J

    Lets talk throttle control

    I did a search and couldn't find anything much. What I am after is more refined throttle control. I know these motors are made to run at a single speed so we have an uphill battle. I am running a 389 Champion. I hooked the throttle cable to the factory mount. The throttle gets harder to turn the...
  16. J

    Reproduction Tech HS throttle assebly

    3 assemblies available. $40.00 each, shipped via USPS priority mail. Postal money order only please. Regards, Joe51
  17. B

    1" throttle with metal tube

    Looking for a 1" throttle with a metal tube my plastic one just isn't holding up. Thanks
  18. electra_boogaloo

    Throttle Linkage

    i've been looking at this kit on OldMiniBikes and i can't find any diy's or instructions on how it installs. i'm using one of these styles...
  19. M

    Tote Gote Throttle

    Does anyone know how to disassemble a Tote Gote twist throttle on a 680 Nova? I can'e see inside of it enough of it to figure out how to remove the outer barrel. Do you compress the 2 pins that slide in the outer barrel?
  20. mini one

    7/8" throttle and cable?

    New , used, whatcha got? I'll be at the EC race tomorrow in NY too