Harbor Freight Motorcycle/Mini Bike lift ... Review ... ish ...

I have had this since last year and it is very handy.
I wont lift any corner of my Caddilac DeVille to change a tire.
And it's sketchy at best when trying to lift my Goldwing but I'll be damned if it isn't perfect for getting a mini up in the air for maintenance! I have a short shop stool that compliments it.

My "old man" knees don't like the floor!

I think I paid $79 ... bought it to get the tires off my VT-10 Super Bronc.

Here it is holding up my granddaughters MBX11 ...

I have one of those, not that same brand but one like them. They are a handy little jack. Likewise I wouldnt lift my cb400, but I lift my other choppers(mini) with it no problem.
I have a Pit Bull lift and I cant say enough about how easy it makes working on my Super Bronc and even my Honda 4 wheelers. Mine has 4 small D rings on the base so you can tie down the bike after you get it where you want it. I got real lucky and bought it from a friend that had also bought it from a friend. So I got a good deal on it. I don't know how I built all the 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers that I have over the years without it. Of course all of that was before my knees started acting up too... If I didn't have this one I would buy a Harbor Freight version or fab one.