Have yourself an OldMiniBikes Christmas !!

The Christmas Trike : Well in my shop we had made up 10 little yard karts for the Christmas ahead of us, and then we wanted to make a pair of trikes for my son Steven and my brother in law Danny's son Billy.
So we went out to the shop and cut down two Axel's put together the wheels and just started bending up the frames and worked out the alignment of the engine and had to add an Idler sprocket. We had the front ends already made just had to shorten them to make the trike level. We sanded the frame parts and mixed up some paint and primer-ed the parts. I cut out plywood forms for the seats and was going to take them to our upholstery guy.
Next night we started to paint the frames and one frame got a big sag in the seat loop and we messed with it and made it worse. It was 2 days till Christmas so the one trike got finished and my Nephew Billy got the Indian Mini Mini.
That picture is of my nephew David Daniels and he was hell on wheels. That trike was a 100% success never any issues ever. All kids just loved to ride it I took it to Pismo Beach,
California where you can ride every thing on the beach and it did real good on the wet sand. I have threatened to build another one but my youngest grandchild is now 12.
Steve Durham :scooter:

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"Mom and Dad fought over this Christmas present in1970. Mom started work at Digital equipment to help pay for it.The clutch didn't last long riding in the snow plowed parking lot. It was powered by a 4 hp Tecumseh 4-stroke engine with top speed of 45 mph. Amazing no broken bones with lack of safety gear."