Have yourself an OldMiniBikes Christmas !!


HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR LONG : I would say that I had the best job for the 3 years that I was part owner in D&D Mini Bike because I got to see happy kids all year long when we sold mini bikes or go Karts to youngsters ecstatic to be getting even a used bike of their own or to share with other family members.
But Christmas always tops them all because sometimes the parents or grand parents got just as excited as the kids making the purchase for that Christmas morning surprise.
For Danny and my Mom and me it was a stressful couple of days and a lot of hours.
The Building of the Christmas Trikes was to be for out two oldest boys and when the time ran out and only 1 was finished, we pulled off the floor a Indian Mini Mini for a replacement. That Mini Mini later got a new custom paint job of real pearl by my friend Albert.
So I was as they say just lucky enough to be in the right place for 3 years.
Steve :scooter:

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the only thing I got minibike related for christmas was in 1996 we got a new briggs 5hp fun power engine . actually my brother got it for the gokart and I got a trampoline but they were shared ya know. and i still use it all the time on my cat. this year i bought myself a little 99cc predator :thumbsup: So be good kiddies or the Schmitzli is gonna get ya :laugh: