Heavy throttle, help please!

I recently purchased a CL Baja Heat with Hemi Predator. The carb throttle lever moves easily enough, but the original Baja twist throttle is heavy & long(to twist full open). Is this a cable lube issue or something else?

The nut on the linkage is not snugged tight. The original speed control lever is easy to move.

I would like to lighten it for a more 'motorcycle like' feel. Plenty of power, I just added a gopowersports TAV-2 clone & this heavy mini will pull the front wheel with my 220lbs on it. I even considered converting to a lever throttle, but that may be too sensitive.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

New jets & E-tube on the way from OBMparts to go with my ARC exhaust & air filter. So far all stock til all the aftermarket parts are here.
could be a number of things. cable rusty or kinked. or it could be resistance in the twist throttle either in the place the cable goes rubbing on the housing or too tight on the handlebar itself and not sliding smooth due to extra thick paint or goo from something
It was a dry cable & twist housing. Disassembled everything, a little grease, much improvement. I keep forgetting this was a somewhat neglected minibike.