Help identify this mini bike, im new to this

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Thanks for the welcome, I just picked up a 212 for it, as for wheelies goes, it will forsure. I sat on it just a bit far back and the front end comes right up with no power lol
I want to build a couple of drift trikes for me and my kids, I have a 79cc motor to and a 12 inch bicycle front end to make a mini one for my son. And a 20 inch for me. 20190915_193809.jpg


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That thing is really cool!

What I think I'd do if it were mine:

1. Move the rear wheel mounts to behind the seat upright, stretching the wheelbase
2. Ditch the jackshaft and belt set-up
3. Flip the rear wheel and attach a standard chain sprocket
4. Geography allowing, find a cheap old snowblower with a Tecumseh 4-5hp flathead engine (it deserves the vintage look)
5. Get a band style brake assembly that grabs on the clutch hub

Whatever way you decide to go with it, it would be great to see the finished product. :)