Help me ID these wheels/swingarm?

Hey all,

I bought this stuff from a guy the other day, and I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me ID these.

The wheels and swingarm may or may not be from the same thing. No idea. I've been told by someone that the fork may be off a Suzuki K10.


Wheels/tires look like pocket bike parts. What size are they? The forks may be Suzuki K11 (link below). The monoshock swingarm is not from a K11, though. Search "pocket bike wheels" on here and you will find some threads on minibikes with pocket bike wheels; they can look quite good. They may be Chinese, but the wheels have value; they are quite hard to find. I know this because I searched extensively before finding the X7 pocket bike wheels (8") I wanted; found and bought them a few weeks ago, now the retailer I bought them from has none. You can find anything on eBay, right? Search eBay for pocket bike wheels and you'll find next to nothing, mostly 6.5" 3-spoke wheels for the smallest pocket bikes and tiny electric minibikes (Mongoose, Monster Moto, etc.) come up.

Suzuki models 1965
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