Help me with tire/rim size?


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Hey Guys,

I bought a used lawn tractor and was replacing the tires. It had 20x10x8 rubbers on it. That's what I bought and I cant get the darn things on even with my tire mounting tools. :mad2: Hours and a lot of cuss words later I'm reaching out to this forum since I know you guys have the information.

I measured the rim and now I'm not sure I understand tire sizes. I believe I have a 9 diameter and 7.5 width. Is 20x10x8 the right size for these rims? Or do I need to find something like a 20x8x9? Photos attached.

Any help would be appreciated!

wheeldiamater.JPG wheelwidth.JPG
20x10-8 is a very common lawn tractor tire size; 20" OD (outside diameter) x 10" SW (section width) - 8" diameter wheel. Your wheels are 8" (diameter) x 7" (width) which is correct for the 20x10-8 tires; they are measured at the bead seat. I've replaced this size of tire several times without too much difficulty. Use lube (dish soap and water will work) and take advantage of the drop center (that's why it's there, so you can mount tires). You should be able to get the first bead on with no tools, just angle the tire and push it on. The second bead isn't so easy; get it started; make sure the bead is in the drop center, and gradually work your way around using your tire irons.