Help with Bonanza 5" Brake Drum / Sprocket

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Hi all, I am trying to fix up the rear brake on my 13yr old son's vintage bonanza minibike. It barely works. I have it apart, and it seems to be a 5" Brake Drum / Sprocket with 60 Tooth Steel Sprocket and #35 Chain. The inside of the drum is in terrible condition, and I'd like to replace it. I have look everywhere, and all I see are 4" or 4.5" drums. Does anyone know where I can find a new 5" drum / sprocket?



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I bought my new 72 tooth from Dave Miller concepts on eBay. He is the seller that has new bonanza chopper parts for sale. Send him a message thru eBay. He has lots that aren't listed yet.
I have the same question - where to get the Bonanza sprocket, but I want to get the original 60 tooth sprocket original to my '68 BC1300.
I can do some fabrication if needed. I was told that the 60 tooth "kidney bean" sprocket is the same, but without the three female stand-offs - I can fabricate those if needed.

Any ideas and how would I identify the proper "kidney-bean" sprocket?