Heres my new Piece of

I bought this baby on Ebait for $50 and had it shipped to my house for $35.

Dunno why.....Just wanted it.

Its actually in really decent shape save for the shot seat and junk front fender. I Sand blasted it today and found no frame damage other than a few dents here and there.

The Battery box Was chrome at one time. It was welded on the top side of the seat swing arm and the welds were chromed. So I guess it was stock??

The Rear Frame plates look different than any other Columbia I have seen so I'm not sure what the deal is with this? Maybe another company made it after MTD quit? I dunno. Breaks and what not all work. Rear fender is huge compared to my MTD rear fender. It has stamped indentations in it because it is wider than the inside width of the frame. Weird..

Anyway........Here it is in all its glory before I started on it today. Don't laugh! :)

So far its completely sandblasted and only the front wheel is a lost cause. I have a ton of wheels to choose from so I am good there.. Shocks were painted over the chrome. A little solvent took care of that.. :)



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Dennis, you don't have a spare columbia/MTD front pulley, do you? The drive pulley from the motor? Mine is cracked and I need one!

Let me know what you have.
Thanks Hent, Lemme know.

The Project is coming along pretty good. I had to Tig up a little of the Rear frame plate. Just a thin stock weld is all. All the Chrome Parts were sandblasted and Painted with Duplicolor Silver Blast Lacquer Paint.
Its a heavy metallic paint than I have had Awesome results with in the past and this time is no different, everything came out great.
Springs were painted with a High temp flat Aluminum paint my Work uses and then 110 Deg cured.

My Frame is getting sent to JMB Performance. I had My Atlas done there in a two Stage Powder coat finish and it looks Awesome.

If Hent Says its OK I'll post up his Web Site and Email addy. He has a walk in oven and can do pretty much any size mini bike or full size Bike frame, or anything that will fit in his huge oven. And Any Color you can Imagine in single and dual stage.. Pretty good prices as well. He owns a car performance and fabricating shop, plus a full powder coating shop.
And he Likes Mini-Bikes..........Need I say more?


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Hey Dennis,

Lets see some pics!

It's no problem if you post up his URL on here. Especially since he can do the mini bike frames.