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  • I'm looking to build a diesel mini bike, please email me if you have any thoughts/suggestions

    I'm a long time car/bike guy just starting to put together an older mini bike, around a frame I recently bought.. I sure could use a few minutes talking to a guy like you.
    I was reading some older posts you did about the Harbor Junk motors but couldn't see your pictures.
    If you would be willing i would love to call you. I'm in Camarillo, CA. If you would drop your tele # to me at (you can check me out at, Ventura County location) I would be forever grateful.
    I fear that a purist may not approve another recent purchase i made, that is a Big Dog oversive mini bike, 18" wheels - wonder what you think of them??
    As a point of interest, i also have a '08 Whizzer, totally redone with all the junk stripped off.
    Thanks!! Paul
    Dear Dennis,

    I owned a 1971 J.C. Penney ElTigre as an 11 year old. I would love to know where I might find an El Tigre to restore. I don't even know anyone who has ever heard of them other than on this site. I currently own a custom made orange county chopper that I cruise around with, but I can't get that old ElTigre off my mind. It was my first love!

    Any ideas or direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at or at 603-505-2301. OUr spam filter is pretty aggrssive on our server, so if you don't get an immediate automatic verification message back, please try to call me.

    Thank you so much in advance-

    Dennis, I was wondering if you would be willing to help a fellow St. Charles/St. louisian out.

    I've got a Atlas that I'm trying to put together for my 9 year old daughter and don't have a clue as to where to get parts.

    Basically I've got a very good frame, a 3hp Briggs, shot tires, bearings, a sprocket that is too small and a front sprocket that is too large....any words of wisdom?
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