HF clone choke lever- Head's up!

I thought that I would share this with others, so that you do not have the same unfortunate experience that my son ("The Ruppster 86") and I did last week while out off-road riding. If you have a mini-bike with a HF clone engine WITH THE STOCK AIR FILTER BOX REMOVED (i.e., you have upgraded to a "performance" air filter) you need to read this.....
Last week while out riding (off-road, bumpy roads, lots of vibration), the choke lever came off. Amazingly, we were able to retrace our route, and after about 20 minutes found it laying in the dirt.:doah: With the stock air filter box installed, the lever is "held captive", and cannot come off. With the performance filter, it simply/only sets on top of the pivot pin on the carb, free to be jarred off while on a bumpy road. For now, I will make a simple tether around the arm (fishing line?) to hold on to it should it come off again.:crying: Thank you to the Ruppster for posting the photo for me!

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You don't even need the lever. You can use your finger to flip the little black triangle shaped thing the lever hooks into. Works fine on two of my clones and makes it harder for "unauthorized" people to start your mini.


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Yeah, you need something on there, I have one actual choke retainer piece from NR and another that I made myself using a small piece of flat metal stock and they both work great
yea.. a rubber band around the whole thing works too.. very very cheap. my experience with those "brackets" is that they suck and dont even fit properly.
yea.. a rubber band around the whole thing works too.. very very cheap. my experience with those "brackets" is that they suck and dont even fit properly.
You guys are hilarious. A rubber band to hold a piece of your carburetor on?
The reason you think they suck and that they dont' fit, is because you also need the thick spacer between the adapter and the carb.

This guy here....
Honda GX200 / Clone Air Box to Carb Gasket
rubber band works just fine.. the choke hold down came with the motor package and other stuff.. if i needed that then why didnt they send that too.. kinda half ass imo.
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The reason I started this thread was EDUCATION. There has been a lot of good information shared with the various replies. Simply stated, whether you purchase a choke retainer, install a tether, rubber band, etc. WHATEVER, you have to do something or you are going to lose that choke lever.:scooter:
sorry.. NRracing.. bought a clone engine with some various stuff- header, air filter, fuel pump, fuel line and throttle linkage as a package. A do it yourself package. It wasnt a big deal..im use to taring anything i get down and redoing it myself anyways..but sometimes.. its just like.. really?
hey thats a slick pulse fitting..im assuming thats what it is on the valve cover. Looks like you drilled a small hole in the choke lever and used a small screw to hold it in.. clever. :thumbsup: