1. H

    Coleman CT200U choke arm won't move at all

    Hello, The gray choke arm located just above the fuel shutoff won't slide to the right as normal. In fact, the bike won't crank at all. My son got the bike on Christmas and I plan on calling Coleman for support, but I also wanted to see if anyone could offer any thoughts. It's been ridden...
  2. C

    Mikuni vm22 choke idle speed

    Is there anyway to adjust the choke rpm speed? Mine starts with one pull, dead cold with choke on, however rpms are 3500. Is that what they are supposed to be?
  3. CarPlayLB

    Honda/clone choke idea

    Hello All. I wanted a different way to put the choke lever on a clone carb without the bracket so I could choose whatever air cleaner I wanted....and here's what I did! I drilled an tapped the choke boss for a #8 screw and drilled a corresponding hole into the top of the choke lever. I used a...
  4. ColemanCT200u

    Rough Idle and engine stalls out with throttle (sometimes) please help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this thread and to minibikes in general, so I'll try to include as much info as I can. I have a Coleman CT200u 196cc 6.5 HP minibike, that is about a year old and maybe about 25 miles on it, so relatively mint condition. For the first few months when I rode it...
  5. markus

    Tecumseh choke lever arms or whole junk carbs wanted

    I am in search of at the very least this particular choke lever arm, but would be interested in the entire carb as well (even if its toast) to get it, this is the only style I am in search of. could use a few of these if I can find them. I have a contact that will be at windber as well that...
  6. xBrent92

    Biggest gas jet for 390 carb with no choke valve?

    i was just wondering cause my gx390 carbs choke butterfly popped out and it wont stay in even when pushed back on and i figured i might as well just jet it to where i don't need a choke if i can. i hope that works.
  7. markus

    pull choke carbs-5hp

    is there any good threads or sites showing any info on these, getting the maximum out of them type stuff? I want to retain the pull choke carb and flat tank to keep the period correct look to go along with the bike. what did they do to them back in the 70's :shrug: thanks
  8. L

    Air filter kit with velocity stack + choke hold bracket + hardwares

    32$ shipped brand new never used
  9. L

    Performance package, exhaust, rejet, fly key, choke hold bracket, springs, stack+++++

    air filter + choke + choke hold bracket + velocity stack + hardware = 35$ shipped exhaust +hardware = 35$ shipped rejet kit + flywheel key + 18lb springs = 20$ shipped all parts new never used if you want to buy them all at once, I can do a discounted price, thanks. host image...
  10. ReapersRide

    Choke no choke no joke

    So I have this 5 Horse Briggs, when I got it the plate that attaches the linkage to the choke was broke off. I have a new choke assembly but don't know where the felt ring nor the brass ring goo. Also not sure how the plate on the choke shaft should be positioned before the butterfly is...
  11. R

    What do I need to do to my 212 carb? Wont run with choke off, stage 1 kit installed

    This is a Baja Heat with a mechanically stock 212 hemi & TAV-2. I swapped in a 35 jet & an Etube from OMBW, an ARC/RLV exhaust & filter/adapter w/ clutch lever bracket. It won't idle with the choke fully open & part throttle is kind of sputtering. I'm sure I have an idle circuit issue...
  12. S

    Predator 212cc dies with choke off

    I have a Predator 212cc engine that dies when I turn the choke off. I got the engine back in the summer and I used it almost every week up until 2 months ago. After 2 months of sitting I tried to start it and it only runs with the choke on.
  13. aztec warrior

    Engines dies when not in choke position

    Alright everyone is been a long long time since I posted on here... My son has the green doodle bug. I upgraded the engine yo the HF blue 6.5 hp... It's been sitting for at least a year with fuel in it... I drained the old fuel and put new fuel in it... Well it starts fine when the choke is on...
  14. 1967 Tempest

    Pred 212 choke lever

    Anyone got one I could buy for a few bucks? I lost mine before I could put bracket on.
  15. Taco Loco Joe

    1971 5 horse Briggs question

    I got this 5 horse that's been sitting for 12 years, put a plug and fresh oil , gas, cleaned carb. It fired up but only runs if choke is pulled back about a quarter out. I got a new diaphragm on order. Is there any thing else I can check ? Thanks
  16. R

    Rupp Roadster/Tecumseh carb help needed

    Hey there I am getting a Roadster running properly and it runs like a champ in the garage and on smooth roads. It seems as though if i take it on some bouncier dirt lots it doesn't like it and wants to idle only and the throttle floods it out. Also it seems like it only wants to run on half...
  17. M

    Need a new carb for my H35

    Need a new carburetor for my kart. I have a 1970 H35 Tecumseh with a Taylor spark arrestor style pipe on it and the stock air cleaner. Most of the carbs I see for sale have extra long choke levers that are in a different orientation. It seems like it would either hit the air cleaner or...
  18. B

    Predator problems

    I took out the gov. the cam came out when I took of the side cover. I am sure that I lined up the dots on the cam. So I installed a throttle plate and put the motor back in. Stars fine, runs fine on choke but dies when you turn of choke. Sounds like high speed lean out ? took out carb. cleaned...
  19. P

    Can stale gas cause this situation...

    I have a fairly old Craftsman snowblower (single cyl., 17.5 HP OHV) that refuses to stay running... I had to replace the metal connector from the plug wire to the plug (became damaged) since I removed the plug so many times to check its condition or to unflood the cylinder. Basically, I...
  20. outcrydrummer

    calling all old school walboro 2 stroke carb gurus

    I have a 440 Rockwell jlo on my Trisport. Finally got my tank and I wanted to test run it. I'll post pics how I have it set up below. It will only run with the choke on and won't run at idle. It is really delayed with throttle input although it will rev....likes to be delayed and hang...