Honda Clone Gy6 Engine

I wanted to know about the ICEBEAR MADDOG GENERATION IV Scooter? I have heard it both ways, Does this Scooter come with Gy6 engine. One company that sells it, MegaMadness says it comes with the Gy6. Does anyone know for sure. I do not want to buy a Scooter without the Gy6 engine. Thank you for any help.

P.S.This is the 150cc engine
It's a knock off of a customized honda ruckus. They list it as a 157qmj which is a chinese clone of a bored gy6. A true honda gy6 is only 50cc.

Good engines, I have one in a buggy thats been hopped up. In a 350lb-ish buggy with my 160lb butt it gets up to 30 mph easy. I have oversized tires on it and the cvt tuned to give more low end.
Honda did indeed manufacture a GY6 in larger size.

They likely designed it earlier, and did a joint-venture to manufacture it cheaply, but not all makers are against directly ripping off other's work.

Long story short, yes, the Icebear 150cc is a generic GY6 157QMJ, and uses repair and mod parts for same.
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How It Works! Decyphering GY6 Engine Codes :: 150cc Knowledgebase
Yeah you do have the CH engines which were a 125cc, you also have the CN engines which are liquid cooled and 200 or 250cc. Not really sure on the CN as I aint played with them. Anyways they all share some design, the GY and CH are closer to brother and sister while the CN is a cousin.

You have to be careful with the GY6 and all of it's clones. You have short cases and long cases and everybody that knocked it off seemed to change something so all gy6 parts are not universal, A blocks, B blocks, egr and non egr heads, and so on. Best place to learn about them is over on a honda ruckus form.

I have a 150 in a 300lb 2 seat buggy that is actually pretty impressive for what it is. I'm swapping it out for a 400cc atv engine and plan on taking the 150 and trying to fit it in something like a baja mini bike. If I only rode around in our pasture on 20 inch tires it would be great but in the woods and mud I need more tire and the 150 can't do anything bigger than a 22 without putting excess strain on it. a 300cc would be perfect but I have the 400 on an old 4 wheeler that runs but I can't find parts for the bike.
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