Honda z50r extended swingarm

So I got a free '83 z50r a year or two ago and got it going as cheaply as possible. I had bought a parts frame and pulled a ct70 front end and wheels off of it but it always kind of leaned back. Now I'm doing an extended swingarm in the rear to get it leveled off. I took an XR75 swingarm and shaved out between the mounts to fit on the z50 frame and that pushed the tire back about 4 inches. I took some measurements and have some 335mm shocks on order along with a chain slider and an extended brake rod. Here's some pictures so far, I just threw on some random shocks for a mockup but it's going to be even taller than in the picture. Really easy mod if anyone has one of these z50's. The second picture really shows how big of a difference the swingarm makes Message_1573168433469.jpg 20191108_095453.jpg
Looks good...Will the chain scrub on the arm now? You might need a nylon slider at the pivot?Are those the stock 8 inch wheels in the picture? I have an '87Z50 basket case in the docket waiting for some lovin.
Yeah, the chain rubs so I got a generic pit bike chain slider, I'm going to drill and tap a couple small holes in the swingarm to hold that on when it comes in. I've got 8 inch wheels but definitely not stock. Someone made them with cut down CT70 hubs and 8" Yamaha rims of some description. Kind of strange but they're straight and look good


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I like that. I picked up an 84 with an 82 engine. here is the 1st of 6 videos if you care to watch. Still needs some work, gas tank sealed, carb etc.
Ok, this is so much better. Looks mean now! Just got the new shocks on, waiting on some more parts. I have to take it apart again to drill and tap a couple small holes in the swingarm so I can attach the chain slider.