Honda z50r extended swingarm

So I got a free '83 z50r a year or two ago and got it going as cheaply as possible. I had bought a parts frame and pulled a ct70 front end and wheels off of it but it always kind of leaned back. Now I'm doing an extended swingarm in the rear to get it leveled off. I took an XR75 swingarm and shaved out between the mounts to fit on the z50 frame and that pushed the tire back about 4 inches. I took some measurements and have some 335mm shocks on order along with a chain slider and an extended brake rod. Here's some pictures so far, I just threw on some random shocks for a mockup but it's going to be even taller than in the picture. Really easy mod if anyone has one of these z50's. The second picture really shows how big of a difference the swingarm makes Message_1573168433469.jpg 20191108_095453.jpg
Looks good...Will the chain scrub on the arm now? You might need a nylon slider at the pivot?Are those the stock 8 inch wheels in the picture? I have an '87Z50 basket case in the docket waiting for some lovin.
Yeah, the chain rubs so I got a generic pit bike chain slider, I'm going to drill and tap a couple small holes in the swingarm to hold that on when it comes in. I've got 8 inch wheels but definitely not stock. Someone made them with cut down CT70 hubs and 8" Yamaha rims of some description. Kind of strange but they're straight and look good