Honda z50r running weird

Just got my z50r out after a couple weeks of sitting and it's just not running right. When I open the low speed jet at all, it starts chugging and when I open the throttle like that it revs up and stays there for maybe 5 seconds before slowly coming down. If I screw the low speed jet all the way shut it runs all right. The carb is cleaned out really well, and I've tried adjusting the main needle but nothing happens. Seems like it's running way too rich but I just don't get it because it was running perfectly less than a month ago. Any suggestions? It's the original keihin carb that I rebuilt with a new cap/ throttle slide and new jets
Managed to get it running better but it's still kind of weird, the idle has to be adjusted every time I start it, and the mixture has to be adjusted while running too to keep it idling. I think I got the main jet dialed in well enough but I just don't understand what's going on here
Not familiar with those carbs but when this happens with a Tecumseh it's either a clogged jet or the float. I would recheck your jets and make sure no gunk got in there from the gas tank. Fuel filter?
The symptoms sound like the slide is not dropping all the way down so the new slide might not match the original carb body in shape or diameter. Probably worth taking a close look to see if the new slide drops consistently to just a slight crack at the bottom.

Sometimes putting the old slide spring back in does the trick because it has a little more force to push the slide down.