HPE cat fenders

front and rear cat fenders. These are bare metal polished as pictured, not plated. Close to being ready to chrome plate a few more tedious areas need attention for plating, you or your chromer can address them. 150.00 set, plus shipping, shipped to your door from Plymouth MI, (continental US), medium flat USPS $14.35.


Fenders were acid dipped to remove rust at International paint stripping in Romulus MI. Fenders are 85 to 90 percent ready to chrome plate, all chrome plating companies metal finish and polish to remove flaws before nickel/chrome. Should you want to plate them this will save you money. I will split them up but unfortunately shipping cost (USPS flat rate box size) will not change. 65.00 each
No, 50 grit cut (sharp) carefully, or it will leave digs. 80 grit grind, 80DA, 120 grit grind, 120 DA, 320 grit grind, 320 grit DA, well used 320 on spin. Been in the car restoration business for over 40 years.