HS40/10 resto custom engine see video


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Just completed an HS40 resto custom. This was a "bin build" meaning I went to my parts bins, and dug stuff out and built it from the bottom up. Internally its an HS50 from the late1970's snowblower at heart. Has an New crankshaft 3/4" output, of course new rod, and rings. valves were recut as well as the valve seats, seat got 4 angle cut, ports were deburred and smoothed, bore was correctly honed as a deglaze only. Deck and port mating surfaces all Trued for straightness (as well as intake and carb mating surfaces) Head was trued and shaved down to .012". Carb is an Original HS50 version carb, fully rebuilt with Tecumseh parts, with correct choke lever for the era/header combination etc.. Ignition and shrouding is from pre 1975 HS40 magneto fully gone through with oem Points, condenser, and even Genuine Tecumseh plug.

Far as fit and finish its modeled after a standard 1971-1974 HS40 would have come, while I did use a later model Throttle control, They were used in 1974 in combination with these shrouds, and I did modify the unit and use the "early" 1970's version short return spring. Pre drilled 120v starter holes in the front were filled (those hole didnt exist in the early 1970's) as well as earlier style head and factory early Headbolts Hide the fact that its actually a later 70's engine at heart.

Paint is single stage urethane Nason brand (mix and spray from a gun) so its fuel/oil proof fully hardened automotive grade paint. No clearcoat, Decals are waterslide reproductions, tag is custom made with a date code of 1287 which is actually 287th day of 2021 since that the day I completed and ran it in but of course will have the "experts" out there thinking its a 1971 or 81 or 91 :D Fuel tank has been dyed not painted, Exhaust is in VHT header paint.

Runs and looks good, $700 plus the ride, which is roughly in the +/- range of $50, (Paypal, if you want invoice or good/services, you pay the fees) Full rebuild photo's available taken as I built.

IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2692.JPG IMG_2699.JPG IMG_2706.JPG IMG_2707.JPG IMG_2708.JPG IMG_2709.JPG IMG_2710.JPG IMG_2711.JPG