HS40 Overheating???

My HS40 starts very well and runs well, but when I shut it off even after just a few minutes it is impossible to restart. Once it cools down it starts up again just fine. What the...???? One expert I spoke with advised a cooler plug and that might help, but just wanted to check if anyone else had seen this sort of problem and knew of any other fix. Coil??? Carburetor???
Check sealing of your gaskets between intake and engine and carb and intake--and be sure you're getting gas to the carb--check venting of tank, too. You may be getting what we old school Ford guys hated: vapor lock! Just dealt with this on an engine. I'm assuming the engine revs full range and doesn't sputter at full throttle: if so, check your float setting, too.

If all that is fine, then pop the coil and go to a small engine shop and get it tested. I've gotten in the habit of replacing coils on all of my rebuilds though probably not necessary but I just want to eliminate a future problem. Points ignitions are a different story...and I'll defer to experts.
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