1. 1970 Rupp Roadster HS40

    1970 Rupp Roadster HS40

    Crank 1970 Rupp
  2. 1970 Rupp Roadster HS40

    1970 Rupp Roadster HS40

    1970 HS40 side cover w/crank
  3. Tecumseh engine restore

    Tecumseh engine restore

  4. Tecumseh engine restore

    Tecumseh engine restore

  5. tecumseh_hs40_for_cat


  6. myjunk

    Tecumseh HS40 engine 1968? $60

    I'm not sure if its a 1968 or 78, at any rate it is what it is. It turns over but I didn't see spark. You are buying it just the way I found it. Look at the pictures and email me if you have any questions. $60 plus shipping from Mi. Thank you
  7. W

    Will a HS40 crank in a H35

    Hi all, Will a crankshaft out of a Tecumseh HS40 work in a H35? Both came out of Rupp min bikes. Thanks, Bill T
  8. David wulf

    Tecumseh HS40 slanted intake

    I have a rupp TEC hs40 slanted intake for sale 50.00 shipped.
  9. markus

    Late model piston/rings vs old style (HS40 rebuild)

    Currently building up HS40's and wanted to note a change that Tecumseh made regarding pistons and rings. In later years Tecumseh started using thinner rings. The piston size on an HS crossed with some of the OHH engines (as does alot of other internals) so they offered that piston/rings as an...
  10. danford1

    1981 used Tecumseh 4hp, HS40 for sale, $125 plus shipping

    I bought a 81 Sears Green Streak from a swap meet to build to a customers specs. The bike came with the original Tecumseh 4hp HS40 on it. It had spark and compression and would run if some gas was dribbled in the cylinder but the carb wouldn't let fuel in. I installed a diaphragm carb from a...
  11. Rhodyjoe

    Tecumseh HS40 Engine For Sale

    Tecumseh HS40 - 55290B Engine For Sale Located in Franklinville, NJ 08322 Selling for $150 or highest offer - Nice condition - 3/4" shaft - Serial # 0268 12466 - Originally on a Rupp mini bike - Needs recoil start (good recoil spring, but does not engage crank) - Strong...
  12. Not so mini bike

    Rupp hs40

    It was sitting in a Pyle of rupp parts where I bought it from. Older style. Has Rupp tc driver and and guard bracket still on engine. Has mini bike throttle and exhaust adapter. Aluminum flywheel and 3" long 3/4" crank. Has spark and compression. No shroud. $75 plus shipping.
  13. RobertC

    What is the mini bike correct carburetor for my HS40 ?

    Hello Folks, I am not finding the original carburetor that my hs40 had on it before someone replaced it with a 'bulb' primer model....:doah: I see all sorts of stuff out there available for hs40's, I just don't know how to determine which would be best for mini bike application. What is the...
  14. MB165

    wanted tecumseh hs40

    looking for a complete hs40 with lighting coil setup, does not have to be rupp spec... any condition as long as its most / all there.....don't care if it knocks, smokes or locked up..... have cash, paypal, parts to trade, etc.
  15. P

    Crankshaft for Tecumseh HS40 motor

    Looking for a crankshaft for Tecumseh HS40 for my 1970 Rupp Roadster. Crank needs to be 3 inches on clutch side. Thanks
  16. P

    Looking for a crankshaft for my 1970 Tecumseh HS40

    All, still looking for a good crankshaft for my 1970 Rupp Roaster with a HS40 Tecumseh motor. Want to keep it nostalgic. Can anyone provide me with direction? Thank you phosguy
  17. topnotch

    Tecumseh HS40

    I have 1970 HS40 Tecumseh Model # HS40-552760 Serial# 0303 02812 engine for sale. This is a good candidate for a restoration it turns freely and has good compression. $100 plus shipping.
  18. C

    Tecumseh HS40 Help needed . Idles only.

    The engine stalls when giving it more throttle. The new points were gapped at .020 on the high side of the cam and cleaned before starting, the piston was set at .035 btdc with a dial indicator, a electronic meter set on ohms was used while moving the stator plate to see the break in continuity...

    FS. Tecumseh HS40 S Pipe Header

    Selling a Tecumseh S pipe Header from a HS40 4hp Engine.In good condition with some dents on the Muffler section. Asking $40.00 shipped lower 48.Thanks for looking...
  20. C

    WTB- Taylor Model #100 for HS40

    PM a photo of what you have to offer.