I’m just very curious….

Ok so I guess I’ll start with I got a swing arm….off a typhoon….and I got a front end off a Steens alsport….got a bonanza mid peg frame….so we start with…off with his neck! EE4CA573-C6B9-4E2A-8B96-3D069AA1E9C9.jpeg then we took off the axle mounts and brake line mount….moveD the mid peg mounts up a tad….put in extensions so the swing arm fits….so far…. 36F578AB-AA54-4650-9264-1B307AF4D74C.jpeg 8CB1D4C3-73C8-4BE3-957B-90EDF00E59D4.jpeg CE313B61-5EB6-4DBE-9E8D-6026798A2E72.jpeg 6C654DB7-6109-4143-A2FB-7DD13E018AA6.jpeg
Thanks to the other Dave for the swing arm and front end…. And the awesome job on making the neck!


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Curious what is the piece welded to the top for? Is it too keep the frame halves from separating when you took the original neck off or just a handle to move the bare frame around with or maybe both?


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I’m new at this fabricating thing…it was so I could keep the neck height where I wanted it…that and an angle gage helped a lot…
That makes sense, I just noticed it in the pictures and was wondering. I'll keep that in mind if I have to change a fork neck.
Kill switch,.. the bike looks pretty solid. I'm curious how well the exhaust coating holds up. I need to be retired so I can actually get something done. Can't wait too see some color on it..
Me too

you can’t see the kill switch in this pic but it’s next to the throttle housing….look close you’ll see the unconnected wires hanging