I have been away for a while.

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

I have been away for a while, well not away, just not on oldminibikes.com

I have some health concerns and father time is chasing me.

In the upcoming months I will be thinning the herd, so to speak. And will post all minibikes and maybe some bigger mini bikes and scooters, here on this site first. Before I do the eBay or some other route.

I have a few Healds, Trail Broncs; and some Cushman's, Tule Trooper's, maybe even some mini bike stuff, and Tri-Sport items

I will use the, For Sale, section on this site; before I advertise commercially

I am about 40 miles from the Winber show. So if it still being held; maybe you can pick your stuff up easier, if you purchase something. Rather than messing around shipping anything.

If You would like to PM me now, OK to do so.

Just a heads up, eBay is changing their policies come May 21st. after that you'll have to file a 1099 tax form. I guess since COVID and all the people out of work, selling stuff on eBay, the tax man HAS to get their cut. Anyhow, we all look forward to what you'll be listing, I sure do love them old Cushmans!.