Im new here.

Hello all! Im the new guy. I have a few Mini-bikes and a few older full size bikes.
This is Just A little intro I guess.
Im 30 yrs old.
Machinest by trade
Married, no kids yet....

Hobbies... Mini bikes
Anything American Motors, Gremlins, pacers..AMX's.
Diesel trucks, cars... boats...

Heres whats going on with my Mini bikes.

Im finishing up my First mini bike I had as a kid.
Its a Atlas mb2000 with a New Tecumseh 6.5 Engine. The Last few weeks it was tore down and Sandblasted and Poweder-coated Bass boat Orange. Was orange originaly but I added the metallic flake look to set it off.

This one will be shown at Monster Mopar Along with my club's cars. A few guys in the Club have Old mini's as well. I'll be posting pics and getting pics of other minibikes while Im there. I plan on riding it alot, dirt mud sand, I dont care.

Its more of a rest-o-mod bike since I needed more power and Im showing the bike along with a few of my cars.

I also have a MTD Columbia Mini that is getting tore down and will proabably get a 6.5 tecumseh or if I can find a older 5 hp I may go that route. The Engine end of the V-plex system is gone so Im not sure if its worth replacing with that drive system.

My Fox Campus is a complete bike minus the rear fender, but its a little on the small side so I may not keep it.

Thats About it.

I want to thank Drew for sending me pics of his MTD so I could get a idea on what needs to be done to my v plex system to get it going.

Also, do we have a Picture page on this site? If so, I cannot find a link.
Take care all.
Welcome to OldMiniBikes. I have organized a trail ride near the end of the month in MO. Check out the main page for details or contact me at or you can call me any time at 618-223-1236. We'd love to see you there old or new minis are welcome.
Regards, Jim


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Deezildennis, thanks for registering for the forum.

We do have a photo album page (at the top, it says Album), but you may want to wait that out for a day. I'm installing the new forum software now!
Yeah I saw the Trail ride event on other forums.
I used to ride down there all the time with It 490 but they guys I went with sold their bikes. Now it just sits...

I might just have to dust the cowb webs off of it and bring it down unless I get the MTD running.

How many people have signed up to go? Can I bring my big bike???
You can bring anything you want to ride. Some guys might not want to ride thier minis on the trails, that doesn't mean they have to pass on the event. One of my buddies doesn't have any mini bikes, but him and his wife are bringing the off road go kart/ dune buggies they have to ride. I'm not going to make this a strictly vintage minis only event. Bring what ya got and lets have some fun riding.
Hope to see you there,