It says Garelli but im not so sure, any ideas?

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Hello all, i put a post in the off topic section just to say hi so you may have seen the pics but im told they are better in here, this little bike is really confusing me, cant seem to find anything on what model it is and im thinking now that its not really a Garelli, does anybody know anything about it?

Even if anybody knows what engine this is and i might be able to get it running


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I would say that is just a moped tank someone used, You actually see these listed as Italjet pagachino on various sites, and if you search that you will find a dead on match. BUT I read somewhere that it never existed. One bike that used that design and is shown in print is tecnomoto (sorry this is the best I could do)

This version (spoke wheel) would be a little earlier than yours but its the only add i could find

The engine used is a Franco Morini Motori S5 I belive is the designation on it. Everyone and their brother was using them in bikes and I did find bikes just like yours on sheldon's emu site under italjet, and franco morini, they just aren't actually badged or brochure photos, most people just assume they are Italjet's. You have to really dig for info on the Italian made bikes, they were getting renamed and rebadged depending on what country they went into etc..

Good luck with it, i hope some of this info helps you track down what it truly is!
old thread i know, but i have just bought a mini bike with the same wheels, and it was sold to me as a tecnomoto from 1978. did you find out any more info in the end? cheers! ~Lee