1. T

    Thinking about getting a mini bike

    Hello, I'm deciding with two bikes about which one I should get and want your thoughts and opinions on it. I'm wondering if you could help me determine which one is better. If its relevant, I'm 6 feet tall...
  2. T

    Vintage Honda 50 thinking about buying

    I found on Caigslist a vintage Honda 50 thank I am thinking about purchasing. The owner wants $300.00 for it and said that it did run 2 years ago but hasn't started it since. What is this bike worth? How is it trying to get parts for it. He said that it was missing an air clearer. Thanks...
  3. superflea

    Thinking hats for 8 HP Honda

    I have an 8 HP Generac pressure washer. It starts up fine and works for about 20 minutes and then shuts off like you turned it to off. It starts right back up and will go maybe 5 minutes and then does the same thing. After that I get maybe 1-2 minutes at most, each cycle. I drained the fuel...
  4. Sixpac440

    So I'm really thinking outside the box for my VT-7 Build ...

    EB Enterprises 121G - Flux Capacitor | O'Reilly Auto Parts
  5. Cat73

    Thinking about picking this up just don't know what it is?

    Like the title says, any help?
  6. M

    Found this thinking of buying it?

    Any ideawho made it ?
  7. massacre

    Time To Start Thinking About The Italian Bike. Or is it?

    I bought this bike from Harley's Papa, who was nice enough to bring it back to CT for me from Iron Honky. I need to build a motocross style minibike but after building my drag bike, money is not at a premium. So I already have this roller, it has big wheels/tires on it and front and rear drum...
  8. R

    Thinking out loud - Bonanza project

    I have a Bonanza frame and am wondering what to do with it. My budget is "stuff I already have". I have most everything I'd need except a stock rear wheel and tire. I do have a space-saver spare set up for a 1" axle. Using it would give this bike some stance. I'd build a new swingarm...
  9. ludicrous speed

    thinking grand prix?

    was at a friends place n he had this leaning against the wall,said it wouldnt run. bought it,brought it home,sprayed it,fired right up. prolly just needs a carb cleaning. it does need handlebars tho,at least the right side one. ( any help there would be awesome,this one is for my youngest :) )...
  10. Flootiebuell

    Put on your thinking caps and let the opinions fly...

    Picked up this sucker today.....I know the Honda motor doesn't belong but any idea what he is? Thanks
  11. 3

    Need a wheelie bar I'm thinking

    I had 3.5 HP now I went with the 6.5 predator avocado 13 tooth on the clutch and 66 tooth sprocket on the back wheel and pulls a wheelie about 20 mph when the clutch fully engages I was getting pretty comfortable with it until today caught me off guard
  12. K

    2 cycle Tecumseh

    I'm thinking about using a 2 cycle Tecumseh snow blower engine on a bike I'm working on. Does anyone have any advice for me?
  13. T

    It says Garelli but im not so sure, any ideas?

    Hello all, i put a post in the off topic section just to say hi so you may have seen the pics but im told they are better in here, this little bike is really confusing me, cant seem to find anything on what model it is and im thinking now that its not really a Garelli, does anybody know anything...
  14. Ding Ding

    Kick Starters...good? bad?

    They look cool, but do they perform well? And do they hold up? Anyone have first hand experience with using one? Specifically on a Tecumseh? I have a source to buy them from, and have been thinking about using one on my current Speedway Scorpion build since the recoil will need to be...
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    FYI Throttle linkages

    What do some of you use to make throttle linkages? I saw a while back someone mention coat hangers but I really don't get how you put a coat hanger through a hole in a carb throttle plate. Being a guitar player I have a lot of old guitar strings around and I'm thinking of using those. At...
  16. S

    what kind of bike am i looking at?

    Thinking about going to look at this but i would like to know what it is first.
  17. thejoker

    what wards is this?

    I just got it yesterday and can't figure out the exact model. I keep thinking that I have it and then the bars are different.
  18. M

    gage roller rockers

    Any body running these rockers ? ...when installing them they come in contact with the retainer on the exhaust side just a little I'm thinking I need to shim them up anybody run into this problem?
  19. JAGGUY

    This one is different, home made or what is it?

    I was thinking home made, but the triangle and other bends are really good. Had some self done mods for sure.. Anyone seen something like this before?
  20. Jrturbo

    can someone identify this mini bike?

    thinking of buying this mini bike can someone identify?? thanks