It says Valmo 1960s, Looks like Fuji Go-Devil?

I found this scooter / minibike for sale. It's described as a Valmo 1960s scooter with title. I can't turn up any information on it. Tried google and searching this forum. The closest thing I can find is Fuji Go-Devil that folds up. This one is all enclosed though, and I can't tell if it folds.

This thing is either well restored or is something newer trying to look old. Anybody have any information?


The auction gave me contact info for the previous owner. He says he used 35:1. I was able to dig up some old literature on it and the manufacturer suggested 20:1. THICC...

It has good compression and idled for a few minutes before I jumped on it and snapped the dry rotted suspension. The rear end hangs on a thick rubber band which turns out to be muffler hanger. I replaced that and the grip throttle / cable. Had to dremel the inner circumference of the throttle mount to fit.

Now I'm not able to get it to idle, and I'm not very carburetor inclined so I dropped it off with a local mechanic that works on pressure washers in Florida.

It's missing the key/barrel but it looks like the wires are there. I just need the wiring diagram and a battery. There is a scanned copy of the manual + wiring diagram on eBay available for $20 but if anyone has access please post!