Italjet (Thats all I know)

Not sure why ,but I have seen many of those converted to coin op rides in front of grocery stores etc. , years ago that is ,I have owned a few .I don’t think I have ever seen one in person that was not mounted like that .


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That the big wheel Junior cross version of the 50cc. They called the steel fenders one JC5A As they upgraded/progressed the letter designation changed B, C etc.. they are what indian rebadged for their line of bikes too.

I had a beater jc5b that came with an extremly hard to find MT5A (mini trials bike) that I bought. Its way to big to be on the Kiddies rides, they used the MM and M (8-10" wheeled versions) for those.

Its a tall engough bike to ride unlike the mm's and even the m's but a pretty weak single speed powerplant.
Thanks for some info guys. Funny kiddie ride was mentioned I was thinking about that very thing as I have a 1yr old grandson. Seems thou there are not many donor machines out here on the west coast that don't cost big $$$$$$. Maybe I'll just drop in a china 3 speed
One thing about the Indian MM5A the kick start went forward. Easer for the kids to learn to ride. All of the 50 cc engines needed more power and there was a improvements in the air flow and carb jetting that really helped. I sold quite a bunch of the Indian bikes.