Its another edition of What is it ? frame , forks and seat

I bought another batch of bike parts not knowing what it is . Was on a high shelf at an estate sale . Had to ladder it down .
I know you guys will have it identified in a jiffy . You're much smarter than I at this stuff.
Its what you do and much better than I . black mini bike 2.jpg black mini bike.jpg
I'm not so sure that is correct. The ruttman foot pegs are different and so it the little mount in front of the rear wheel.
Can you point me to a year and model that is similar ?
Thanks ...
The engine mount is not tapered to match the curve in the front of the frame tubes. That seems very unusual. The foot bar almost looks like it was added later.
I talked to the former owner of the frame . He and his friends were prototype engineers and built that frame from scratch . They had a full shop at his house . They also had it powder coated and finished . Its just a bike that never got finished . Mystery solved ... Thank all of you for trying to help.