Just Picked this up!

Not sure why. But for a 100 guess i can have some fun, then sell it.. One plus is it had the same light switch that i needed for my Rupp, so that saved me 50 right there!:thumbsup:

Well tinkered on it all day. put some golfcart wheels i had on it. changed the oil. cleand the plugs, got a new battery, added fresh gas and it fired right up.. test run tomorrow after i lube up the chain & cables. pics to follow...:thumbsup:
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Took it for a test ride today. Pretty fun toy.. But now I'm thinking about butting the whole rear 1/2 on my GEM cart..make a hybread golfcart!..:thumbsup:

Very cool! I'd say redo the wood, recover the seat, polish those awesome chrome rear fenders and ride it. That thing is way too cool to take apart.
Looks like a heald super trike. They were sold as a kit in the 70-80's. If you were closer I could double your money for you needing some suspension parts on the one I am restoring for the grandkids.