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Between the Titanic set and the 300lbs of bulk I dropped $1900 on Lego that weekend.

Bought some handblown glass bongs for my minifigs too. :D Pic shows one of them. Came with 5 bongs and a little bottle of Hennessey.
That's pretty different.
You go into smoke shops ect. here now,, it's illegal to say the word ''bong'',, even if smoking tobacco out of it. :rolleyes:
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Picked up the 10179 Millennium Falcon (2007 version) last night. No instructions, no original box and it was still $700. We bought an original instruction book for it off Ebay for $150 today. I can't wait to get it built.

Having it and the Titanic set on display should look pretty cool. We're thinking about getting the MOC docking bay for the Millennium Falcon. It's expensive too, but is also 7800 pieces on it's own.
Damn Dude,, 150 bucks just for the manual ! :eek:
That set in a new, sealed box is several thousand dollars. The cheapest one of these sets on Bricklink with a manual and no box is $1,000 (what I'll have). That one has yellowing on the bricks too from being displayed where the sun hit it. We're $850 into it which isn't bad at all.
My wife has some building to do...

75313 AT-AT (6785 pieces)
75252 Imperial Star Destroyer (4784 pieces)
10294 Titanic (9090 pieces)

The Mario 64 Block that you can barely see is one of mine. I'm still working on sorting 300+lbs of bulk, so no building for me right now.


funny you say "knock off" I was in my attic and I ran across the knock off set I got as a kid in like 72. they were Sears brix I was a pissed off kid. it was a horse and carriage set , and it didnt make much else. I just shook my head and smiled when I saw it today.