Lil Indian, some small Cat, Comette, etc... Grips NOS


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Ogk grips found on Lil Indians 400-450-500 1967 till 1972 on most smaller and lower end models as well (but they were marked with the 68-2 sae markings by that time). These are new/nos from old cycle supplier stock. Comette, ruttman, and even Cat/hpe muskin did use this particular grip on occasion, There were some others as well.

I have one set of each version early unmarked 1967 into 1968 and the 68- casted ones that were as far as I can tell came in during 1968/69.

$75 shipped lower 48 for whichever pair you prefer, will most likely use one of the sets on a build I am doing and really don’t care which set I use on it A1AEA6D1-BCBE-4839-92ED-3DEEEF6C273D.jpeg