lil indian tecumseh engine

Depends what year the bike is. I forget what year they went to the Tecumseh's. I believe the motor plate on the bikes that had a hole in the motor plate used a Tecumseh. Don't quote me on that.:laugh:


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Side exhaust outlet? if yes, than no for sure about them using it. It also looks to pre date when Tecumseh started to be used on the Lil indians.


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what markus. im so confused
I'll try to clarify...

The top of the shroud is smooth (no bump up, like Tecumseh started doing in 1969). Lil Indian didn't start using Tecumseh engines until after they went to that design. Also, Lil Indian never used a Tecumseh that exhausted on the same side as the output shaft (if yours is like that, then it definitely isn't correct).

This engine is too early as well

This is the correct style engine (notice the ridge along the top of the blower housing)