Live axle with Gokart slicks?


Banned - Must pay $500
Pic's would help a lot.

Is the axle keyed, 3/4 , 1" , two stage, solid axle or peerless ??

Your asking a lot from nothing.

Hangers, Brackets, Bearings, Locking collar's, Sprocket, Disc / Drum brake, etc.

1pc or 2 pc wheels ?

Is it for a Cart
It looks like what you'll need is a hub for a 4 bolt rim that goes on the shaft and is either held in place by set screw or nut. Looks like the end of the shaft is threaded.


Banned - Must pay $500
Must be a keyway, his other parts were gotten for a keyed shaft.

He can go 4 bolt or 3 bolt cart hubs and wheels.

Will need lock collars and nuts for the shaft.
Thanks for all the responses, I've had a technical problem with my computer and haven't been able to get on the forum in a while. I'm going to post more pictures as my build goes on. Hopefully I get some stuff done this week.