1. A

    Cam upgrade

    Hi, I currently have a ungoverned predator 212 non hemi with a high flow exhaust, mikuni 22mm carb with a bigger jet than stock (I forget how big I can look in the morning), billet flywheel, rod and piston, with a stock head. I am looking into buying a cam and was wondering which one would be...
  2. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  3. sonerenos


    found this go kart on Craigslist over the weekend. Decided i would buy it and have a different project. Ive always liked go karts, just couldn't ever afford them. whenever the opportunity arose, they were always hammered or missing all the components to make it enjoyable. this one is a complete...
  4. C

    Late 70s ford van go kart

    so I've been rebuilding this go kart for quite some time now, I've had it about 3 years and I just recently fully built an old manco frame with a predator 420cc stage 1 kit and all parts from gopowersports.com. I just need a seat and body mounts and a few cosmetics(bubble windows, clean up welds...
  5. glenn baine

    Glenn Baine - GOKART CYCLE - (Vintage Class)

    i bought this summer ( GOKART CYCLE)
  6. V

    What are they gokart edition

    Black one looks homemade. What are they.
  7. Timmahhhhh

    Is This a Modified Azusa?

    I saw this on craigslist...Probably a dumb question, but is this a modified Azusa frame? Sure does look like it.
  8. bigrob

    Mad Max gokart

    I am not sure what this all about lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qCj2Z_mph0
  9. N

    predator 346cc engine wont start

    Alright so I have a predator 346cc engine I've had it running fine. The next day I try to start it it didn't want to start. I've cleaned the carb took off the bowl to see if it was dirty clean as as whistle. I've checked the spark plug to see if it was getting a spark, I've set the gap on the...
  10. pro tc

    Fox gokart

    Just picked this gokart up can anyone give me any info on it Thanks"][/URL] "][/URL] "][/URL]
  11. jewwlion

    Let's talk about crashes.

    Crashes are something I never hear spoken of in the minibiking/karting community, so let's start a thread about it. In fact, I crashed myself a few weeks ago, still recovering from injury. The story went like this: I was riding my almost stock Azusa bike running a Predator 212 around my...
  12. Mac

    Bought a Gokart, Need ID

    Been told this kart below is a Rupp, but I'm not sure a Rupp has seat side panels with two holes.
  13. jewwlion

    Ordered the wrong part from OldMiniBikes warehouse... Please help!

    Earlier today I ordered a 60 tooth sprocket for my minibike which has drum brakes. The sprocket is machined on the outside for band brakes, which is what I didn't pay attention to... Anyways my two questions are these: 1. Will this sprocket still work with a drum brake instead of a band...
  14. H

    Live axle with Gokart slicks?

    What all would I need to put some 8" gokart slicks on a live axle? really confused with what parts I need.
  15. B

    problem with gokart steering need some help

    I'm in the middle of finishing steering on my go kart when I noticed how when I turned the Steering wheel, the outside wheel when turning left or right would turn more than the inner wheel, I'm not sure how to fix it can I have some help
  16. radattt

    unknown gokart

    thanks dudes
  17. J

    Go kart Sprockets

    Hey guys this is my very first post. Im looking at getting some new sprockets for my go kart. I want to get a 45 tooth big sprocket and a 20 tooth little sprocket. I figured this would be the best set up for top speed which is what im looking for. But my problem is the big sprocket is made for a...
  18. Little Deuce Poop

    Little Deuce Poop

    at a car show in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, June 2014
  19. D

    Amusment GoKart to Dirt Conversion.

    Ok, so I got my Kart all stripped down ready to get some bigger tires for it. What I need to know is if anybody has converted a ammusment kart over to a dirt kart, and if the experience was worth it. I think I can use the stock rims and maybe just fit larger tires to them. I also know I will...
  20. A

    how to re wire gokart engine

    this is a harbor freight 6.5hp engine. someone messed the wiring up to put a kill switch on it. I want to either fix it to its original wiring or install the kill switch that someone put on the frame.