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    Rear axle assembly
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    Axles manufacturing
  3. Speedway Scarab drive axle installed

    Speedway Scarab drive axle installed

    Speedway Scarab drive axle installed
  4. Rear axle/support assembly

    Rear axle/support assembly

    This is the design of the rear axle/support assembly. This will bolt to the 6" rim and has supports for both a sprocket and a rear disc brake.
  5. bowhunt4life

    WTB 6" Gilson/Wards Front Tire and Axle

    I am in need of a front tire/rim and front axle for my Allis Bike. Please PM if you have one to sell. Thank you.
  6. chrisr

    Calipers and rotor for 1" axle

    Rotor and two calipers. One caliper is used and has a small crack and the other caliper is new. The rotor has a little surface rust, otherwise in good shape. $50 plus shipping for the lot.
  7. Valocalrep

    Motovox Rear axle

    Hey everyone does anyone happen to know where i can get a Mbx10 rear axle from, Their website is out of stock and has been for a while i have a friend who wants to build is bike and thats one of the main parts he is waiting for. Thanks everyone
  8. CarPlayLB

    Broncco escargot for rear axle

    Hello all. I am in need of the little snail looking axle adjusters for a Broncco TX4. If anyone has them, please send me a PM and we can strike a deal!
  9. Daniel Coop

    DESPERATE! 12mm × 270mm axle needed or Machined

    I'm in desperate need of a 12mm × 270mm front axle for my daughter's Motovox MBX10 that I was lucky enough to find a MBX11 fork assembly and spacers for. Found a supplier in the UK...? But won't ship to U.S. Willing to pay a machinist to make if necessary. Please help!
  10. O

    HELP, need axle

    Help, I need a 5/8" axle 16 1/2" long threaded on both ends for an older fat tire mini bike. I have been searching with no luck. If anyone has any ideas where I can find or order one I would be very great full. Thanks in advance
  11. O

    Old fat tire mini bike axle

    I need a 5/8" axle 16 1/2" long threaded on both ends. Anyone have any ideas where I can get one? All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. S

    WTB: 14" front wheel, brake, axle - Rupp, Fox, etc.

    I'm looking for a 14" front wheel complete with brake and 1/2" axle and spacers for my Fox scrambler bike. Old one was all rusted together and had to cut it off so it got scraped. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  13. Midyrman

    Bonanza Axle Bolts

    Looking for the front and rear axle bolts and nuts. This is for a mid-peg BC1200. 8 inch length seems about right (5/8ths) but please chime in if you have more to add. Thanks. Tom
  14. J

    68 tt500 axle nut

    I'm looking for a correct axle nut, in good shape for my tt500.
  15. B

    5/8 Axle spacers

    Looking for miscellaneous 5/8" axle spacers. Thanks Bryce
  16. IJG

    Upgrading & in need of longer size axle & proper sized width measurements...

    Hi, I recently got a shock from motovox , however they no longer give you the needed accessories :sad: ray traverio has told me the spacers are available but not the axle. Go Karts, Kids Go Carts, Scooters, Beginner Youth ATVS, ATV Trailers, Quads | Family Go Karts has axles and i think...
  17. Joe-405

    428 chain sprocket for 1.25" axle

    Im using the mini cup tire and can't find any 428 sprockets to fit the 1.25" axle assembly. Any ideas ?? And I'm needing around the mid 50's on tooth count. And thanks ! Only one I can find is off a Chinese taotao scooter and the bolt pattern dont match up to any hubs I can find.
  18. B

    Rear axle photos

    I'm looking for some close up photos of a Bonanza MC 250 rear axle. Also looking for parts to restore it.
  19. T

    Axle sizing...go bigger or smaller? Newb needs your help.

    So the kart has a 1" axle that's 37" long end to end. I need to replace it but they only sell 36" or 38"??? I am looking for an entire rear axle setup so What would going bigger or smaller do or affect? There standard ends threaded, short ends, even seen a solid axle with snap ring ends. Do I...
  20. V

    trike axle and drive question.

    Iv been doing some research on making a minibike trike. some say live axle sucks and some say to use a differential. is the live axle bad just because its hard to turn or does the axle bend or break. If i used a live axle and made it one wheel drive. wouldnt it turn easily. one wheel keyed...