Looks like a Gote, but not a Gote

Picked this up today and pretty excited about it. Two jack shaft set up, one with disc brake, both sets of foot pegs swing in and out. Appears to be factory made and not home made. Owner replaced shaft bearings a while ago, brake caliper, handle, throttle are missing. Any help would be most appreciated.:smile:
No luck on the Scooter Museum website. I am going to make this my winter project... Based on the quality of welds and a few other things, I really don't think that this was home made.
I will take it to Portland with me to show a couple friends and bounce some ideas off of them. I am planning on a resto-mod. Restore an old Briggs, install headlight, get a disc brake caliper installed, original orange paint, new seats, fabricate a couple guards for the jack shafts... This is going to be a fun build!!
Took this bike to Portland and found out that it is a Dart Ridge Runner built by Rupp. Plans are to fully restore it, so now the challenge begins of finding or making the missing pieces.