Manco Rustler 310


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I just found this Manco Rustler 310. It was parked because the previous owner lost a piece of the throttle linkage, which the current owner has a replacement for. It is missing the headlight, front fender, seat, and torque converter cover. The current owner is convinced that it is mid-sevemties but the engine numbers say June, 09, 1983.
I can buy it for less than the value of the engine, which has a new carb bolted on, never cranked.


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I am confident that I can fix any mechanical issues the trike may have, but the needed bodywork not so much.
The issues include, missing panel across the rear, having been replaced by a piece of wood. Also, completely missing storage compartment and lid.
Breakage and missing pieces just in front of where the seat should be.
Obvious cracking and possible pieces missing around the hole for the gas cap.
If I tackle the project I would like to do a much better job of repairing the plastic than the previous patching. Are there any good how-to's I can look at? Thanks.
For fiberglass repairs, try lookin at boat repair videos. I used to work at Hatteras Yachts, and I have learned some great tricks on you tube for fiberglass repair on small jon boats.


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I had one and you are right front decal bike was called BULLDOG with emblem of the dog I rode mine 90% of the time at FORT HILL VILLAGE where Post Office is now and 90% of the time on left tire right was in air as you hold right brake power went to left axle centrifugal clutch 5 hp Briggs and Stratton I wished I had it today 2023


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With the welding kit you use a stainless steek screen and melt it into the plastic. You use small patches to fallow the crack so it is the strongest way I have found yet.