Thats things Sweet! I made a Briggs Model FH scooter that I need to re think out somewhat. Yah its chalangeing to get things to work right at first & gets quite involved rather quickley but thats how it goes. Ive seen one other 2cyl whizzer like bike, Its the Monark Super Twin. It Has a Power Products engine core the same as a P.p 300...
Love the wooden scooter with the tractor seat.
When I was a kid in the 70s, I bought a two cycle opposed twin engine very similar to the Maytag from a junkyard to put in a minibike. I wish I could remember more about it, but it was old then. It had a gas tank mounted on top, a pull starter, and a common exhaust manifold. With no idea what size it was, or power it would produce, I just figured with two cylinders it would go twice as fast. My dad and I were able to fit a centrifugal clutch to it and get it installed in a pretty basic frame, but with pretty dismal results. It actually ran well with no load, but didn't produce enough power to move a mini bike at anywhere near a desired speed. I hadn't thought of this in years, and it was just one of many steps in my motoring journey.
Here's the finish of stage 1 of this build. Goes a lot faster with a couple of modifications I've done. Mco. Parts did a great job on my seat. It starts easily and runs fine. Next step is to install a real carburetor and change the final drive gearing. My new exhaust is really loud and I'll have to make a suppressor for it. I'm not trying to compete with a modern engine, just wanted to build something unique and fun. The Maytag collector community is pretty excited over it.
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