Mini Bike Seats ?

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From my experience the seat covers suck, they eventually get stretched out and tear at the seams from back and fourth movement when riding. Get the seat pay once :thumbsup:
Kenny's seats are the best IMO , I have 3 now , but for the cost and reasonable quality the LXM Boutique DB covers on ETSY are a good way to go for the cost !
+1 for Kenny (KS8Ball)

I have had seats made by Kenny for 2 Rupps, 1 lil Indian, 3 Ruttmans and a Speedway....All look killer !
While the COVER may be real nice, you are still stuck with that crappy OEM DB seat PAD/FOAM, which is real thin and practically flattens out when an adult-sized rider sits down. We had Kenny make us oversize 2 DB seats using the firmer and thicker "rebond" carpet padding in place of the cheap seat foam. The resulting ride quality was much better and a lot easier on your body. Remember, stock DB's have no shocks, so the seat IS your only "suspension". WELL worth the extra cost to have Kenny make you a custom seat!
The LXM seats come with so much material I added two layers of the hi-end carpet padding on mine and it turned out great , way more plush than the factory seat :thumbsup:

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I'm very satisfied with my seat from Etsy. LXM Boutique will accommodate buyers and build to your custom specifications. They'll make them in your color choice/combination as requested.
I ordered mine in all black and it arrived fast, too.

This seat cover has the "tuck & roll" top which has extra foam padding sewn into it. I also added a layer of padding over the DB's standard foam pad before installing it on the original seat pan. It came out looking spectacular!

It's really comfortable as compared to the stock seat and the quality in workmanship is outstanding considering the price paid. I highly recommend them and will certainly be buying further seat upholstery projects from them in the future. :thumbsup:


Banned - Must pay $500
Got my new seat cover the other day. Gotta say I'm very impressed with the quality.

I'll take some pics when I get the foam and have it mounted to a Base.

Recommend these covers, sweet seat covers for the price. :thumbsup:


Banned - Must pay $500

1/2" Plywood base, With blind nuts inside.

2 pc's of 1" dense foam , 1 1/2" regular duty foam on top and a 10" long wedge cut from the 1 1/2" foam.
Then wrapped with quilting baton.