Most Significant MiniBike feature in 30 years !

The new MegaMoto 212 Pro series bike has hydraulic disk front and rear brakes ! They reportedly work well.
That is mind blowing ! This will increase the stopping power by 300 percent ! There is nothing ever that could
so dramatically affect safety. I would say it will reduce stopping distances to one third or less of the back wheel
only drum brake. SO the big question is: IS the Chinese source of the MegaMoto the same as the old MiniBaha
and if so there is a very good possibility that the front forks interchange in dimension and fit etc. This means a half million
of the Mini Baja bikes sold in the last 15 years could be converted to include at least include the added feature of
hydraulic front brakes added. I believe the current incarnation of the Mini Baja is called the TrailMaster but not absolutely
sure they have the same source. It just looks very much like they share parts.
The Monster Moto MM-B212 (before name change) / Mega Moto Pro Series 212 has been available since September 30, 2017, several members have them. I agree, the front/rear hydraulic disc brakes are a great feature. The MM 212 has an unusual 3-bolt pattern for the rotors (and sprocket). I imagine it would be rather expensive to buy all of the parts to put a complete MM front end on something else. The 212 Pro Series can be bought for about $700; I'm guessing all of the front end parts (fork/wheel/tire/brake/hardware) would run 1/3 to 1/2 of that.

The old Baja is still being sold, but under a different brand name.

Parts (expensive!)
I had a hydraulic rear disc on my old Doodlebug that I had 10+ years ago. The setup worked great. People were also running rear wheels on the front of them back then with a hydraulic caliper setup.

I'm currently using a hydraulic rear brake with Doodlebug wheels on 2 of my mini bikes. The DB was a bolt on, but the Coleman CT200U needed to have a mount fabricated for it.

They're available on AliExpress:

You can see it on the Coleman in these pics.