MTD clutch cover brackets

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I'm looking for the brackets that bolts the cover to the motor, I have the bracket that bolts the cover to the frame but there are 2 brackets that bolt it to the motor that I'm looking for, I can make them if I have no other choice, a motor off a MTD on ebay had the brackets on it but the price went a little higher than I wanted to spend, should of bought it, and resold the motor, if you think you have them please let me know, thank you IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0933.JPG
I will if I have to but if I can locate them it would just make things get done sooner, been putting this bike together for a year with about 5 or 6 bikes waiting in the wings to be started, there's a project everywhere I look, lol, it would make my life a little easier, I'm gonna try to get some bikes completed now that we are around the house quite a bit now days, so if you get bored find me that bracket please, got to get out to the garage now and stop typing, have a great day and thank you


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Pretty sure I should have the engine brackets on one of my original mtd's that I would be willing to let you use for a pattern to make them if you don't find the correct ones. If so I could send them to you. Just send them back when you are finished making the new ones.