My DB30 build

This is one that I just finished up. I bought it for $150 and it was very clapped out. The engine plate had about 20 different holes in it, and the frame had multiple layers of rattle can resto. I decided I wanted to do something different, so I lowered it 2 inches overall.

This was achieved by cutting down the fork tubes, flattening the ends, then drilling new holes. For the rear, I just made brackets very similar to stock, but 2 inches longer. For the brake, I just cut off the bracket and moved it up on the frame. I'm still using the stock axle and spacers, and sprocket alignment was virtually unchanged. Once it was lowered, I deleted the kick stand bracket, as well as the rear chain guard mounting tab.

For paint, I went with rustoleums gloss navy blue. The engine is a new bone stock predator 212 that I had left over from another build. Chain guard came from Hot Rod mini bikes.

I'm very happy with how it turned out! Would love to hear your opinions on it.

How it sat when I brought it home.

Replacing the missing fender tab

New stance after lowering with fresh fenders

stripped it down to bare metal

Painted roller. Fresh tires and running a motovox 75T sprocket

And the finished product.

Those bikes are a good platform to cut up and do what you want.looks good
Nice looking bike, great job!
nice indeed , 75th is a wheelie monster, be careful!
Thank you guys!

Chipper, I had the same concern when I installed that sprocket but turns out lowering the bike really makes it harder to pull the front end. I was trying and could barely get the front to come up. Definitely didn't expect that.