My mini bike build

well, a buddy of mine my gave a free mini bike. It sat out side for 7 years leaning against a tree. I asked him yesterday if he was ever gonna do anything with it and he said no, you can have it if you want. So i called him up today to go pick it up. When we got home, i started working on it immediately. First i took the pullstart cover off and freed it up so it would wined back in, then i got the chain freed up and back on the sprockets. I drained the gas and put new gas in. Then i put some gas down the carb and pullstared it, and she fired right up and ran perfect. I got on it and rode around the neighbor hood for a while, the problem is that this mini bike is more of a joke than mini bike. The clutch sticks, no kill switch, no seat and ghetto lawn mower throttle that gets jammed all the time. Now of coarse i was not expecting this thing to go more than 25 mph, but i was wrong. I didn't even get a chance to floor it all the way. It could probably do 45. I was really amazed how the 3 hp did, it pulled me up a huge hill with absolutely no problem at all. After i was done going around the neighbor hood i went to a field. Man, i held it open for 4 seconds and man, that thing was fast. By this time it was dark so i headed home to put it alway. But tomarrow, I'm gonna take it for one last ride then I'm gonna take it apart and repaint it, order a throttle, get a kill switch and buy a new clutch and much more!!!, heres pics

I'm diggin' it...can't wait to see how it turns out.

I like that top pic of the B&S engine on the floor with a hammer lying next to it...I've felt like doing that on several occasions.

This pic was taken today. This is after it was painted, I just have the rims and touch up a few spots, because the chain popped off and took a nice whack at my frame :mad2: . If you notice, the front forks are bent; it was like that when the owners gave it to me. I'm going to replace them with the ones northern tool sells. I would bend the stock ones back, but I do not like the two piece design they are. The 3 hp Briggs needs new rings, the only mod that I did so far to it was porting it. I only cleaned up the bad factory ported in the intake; I didn’t go crazy because I want to put new rings in and shave the head before I go crazy with porting. But even with that little porting I did noticed a huge improvement in power. I'm also going to make the lobes bigger on the cam, even though minidrag bike said not to lol :rolleyes5: . I just want to give it a try, and see what I can do to this motor. If she blows, ohh well it was just a little 3 hp, and I can get a 5 hp Briggs off my friend for dirt cheap. So here's a list of mods for the motor. Shaved head, cam with more duration and lift, advanced timing, major porting, die cast fly wheel, carb work, and that’s about it. I have done this before to lawn mower racing engines, and know people that do it to. In fact I even know somebody that did a few of these mods to a 3 hp as well. Ohh, and I need a seat lol my :asshole: is killing me :mad2:

now time to clean my work space :(
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Well I got my brand new chain today, I was having severe problems with the old one popping of, but the chain fixed every thing, and I finally for once got to see what this mini bike could really do. I'm over all very impressed with it, its still got flaws, example, I don’t have a kill switch or brakes, so the bottom of my shoes got nice and hot after riding.

This model mini bike came with a mechanical caliper on the sprocket, do I will order one of those and just bolt it to the original mounting bracket on the frame. I have bought the kill switch already; I just have yet to hook it up. And I also still have to get the forks and I need a seat, very badly.
There ain't nothin' 'cheap' about your seats, Kenny...maybe 'inexpensive'... but your quality can't be called 'cheap'.

Did you start making my seat yet?

Sorry, OffRoadWhatever8...I shouldn't talk about my seat in your thread, but Kenny does make a great seat, at a fair price if you want one for your project...
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kbs8ball, thank you for the offer, Im very interested. I want to see if if i can make my own first, and go from that as a learning experiance. If it fails, (which most likely will) i will contact you. Thanks for the offer dude, there is a very good chance ill buy one from you, but i want to see what i can do first