My race build/ rat rod bike.

Just throwing some things together to build this bike, what's everyone's thoughts. Started with a mongomery wards frame, fox forks and bars, not sure what the front tire is off of but it has a disc brake on it so I spend the evening mocking up a mount for the rotor. Customised 80s honda 125 dirtbike seat. Unknown fuel tank. All gonna be powered by a built 14hp briggs animal fueled on alcohol. Still need a rear wheel assembly that will work on this frame. Didn't have one of those laying around so I just put a rolling wheel on the rear to move it around. How's she look?

nice slick on the rear or rib, tractor supply sells a wire front wheel that might work,not sure but its a no flat front tire and a wire wheel that's cheap,you could always change the tire..i think.??.maybe extend the rear wheel out,,build you a short solid swing arm,like you know,, but welded a wheelie bar..tons of ways to go..keep us looking for a winter project,kinda like some taco/frijole frames ive seen just trying to find one cheap,you know the American you the best on the build..vic