My Weekend Finds

I posted this in the engines & mods section, too. Sorry if that's a bad thing. I'll try not to do it again.

Was I lucky? Not sure yet. I brought home an edger, a rototiller and a reel lawnmower. The Cooper edger has a 3hp Briggs, date stamped 1971, and cost me ten bucks. The Ariens Super Jet (great name!) rototiller and what I believe to be a GW Davis lawnmower were both free at an estate sale. The tiller has a 4hp Kohler model K91 that's dated 1972. The mower has a Continental model A7. I haven't figured out its age or power rating yet. I haven't tried to start any of them. The Briggs looks like the most likely runner, but all of them seem pretty complete.

Does anyone know where to get more info on Continental engines? Got any good links? It's really neat looking. If I can get it running I'll start thinking about a bike to put it in. If it's broken or worn out, it will still make good yard art.

I found this neat little book while searching for info on the tiller and mower.

The small-engine handbook - Google Books