It's the weekend and a full moon

    If it's clear where you are check it out its beautiful
  2. danford1

    Windber, How much money does it cost you guys for the weekend?

    Lets talk about Windber and how much it costs for the weekend. I mean from when you leave home until you get home again. Gas, Food, camping/lodging, registration etc. For instance. I'm about 400 miles or 8 hours away. I just took a 223 mile trip today to pick up a minibike. I filled the van...
  3. gammatg

    Picked up a Muscle Bike at a swap meet this past weekend.

    I've always loved these style bikes. I've never owned one. I went to a large indoor swap meet Sunday morning and ran into a good friends father who was set up as a vendor. I hadn't seen him in about 6 years so we were catching up. He had this little Western Flyer Buzz Bike sitting there and it...
  4. bikebudy

    Intresting Weekend

    I've been away to a friends down country. Surprise to me, He had bumped into a guy that has had a pair of mini bikes in his basement for the last 25 years! The one is a MTD Trail Flight, All O.G. but the 1971 TEC 3.5engine is bust. Sounds like a connecting rod. Chain guard is a little rough...
  5. gammatg

    Weekend before/after Rupp

    Picked up this 71 Rupp Scrambler on Friday. First pIc was from the CL add. 2nd is from tonight. Fixed some hardware, rear rim and a few other things. It has a nice original h35 on it. Runs great!
  6. Fatboy04

    Enjoying the weekend

    Just enjoying the 4th of July weekend !!
  7. Outlaw Ace

    Happy Father's Day Weekend!

    To all the Dad's and Dad's to be, Step Dad's, Single Dad's like me and Father Figures everywhere Happy Father's Day and Father's Day Weekend!:thumbsup: We've had some member's Dad's pass like Randy who's Dad was Wayne and one of the most respected members ever. And to Keith AKA Pomfish who's...
  8. W

    The Elio is in Indiana this weekend

    The Elio is on display at the Greenwood Mall just south of Indianapolis this weekend. We went down last night to check it out. I have wanted one since I first saw them but since I had to sell the race car and the Starfire because I couldn't get in them without great discomfort I had...
  9. W

    This was at the PRI Show last weekend

    Would you ride it?
  10. FloridaMiniBikes

    Billetproof Drags Lakeland Florida, this weekend Oct 25, 2015 ????

    I'm thinking of finally hitting this one, this year. I checked back 3 pages on this forum, to see if there was anybody hitting it for the mini bike drags they are having???????? Anybody in Florida going? Have you been to it last year? Any particulars you can share...
  11. RCGuy

    Mini Bike riding Saranac, MI. 6-6 & 6-7

    I have access to a 250 acre farm in Saranac. It is also an R/c airplane and car park. Big plane event this weekend, I will be there Sat & Sun. Here is a link to the FB page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/126600824320/ All minibikes are welcome, pm me for details. Mark
  12. pro tc

    Powder coating

    My super grape 2 came in for my rupp rascal is any one on here using powder coating. i'm going to do the tear down this weekend i think.
  13. Sixpac440

    Got a Mini Bike/Tiki Tattoo this weekend ....

    I'm 52, my first tat ... I wanted it cartoonish and fun, in a month I go back for color .....
  14. boatguy

    Little indian with attitude!

    Went to the Ann Arbor show last weekend and it was well worth the 5.5hr drive. Fantastic show--never saw that many bicycles in my life. Great amount of Mini Bikes and parts. Picked up a super early Ruttman washer frame with the 4 spoke early Taco style mags. My other find was a Little...
  15. F

    Speedway Scorpion

    Early 70's Speedway Scorpion Mini bike, Torque Converter Drive, 4 HP Tecumseh Engine, Missing headlight and air cleaner otherwise pretty much all there. I had this on craigslist and have had 2 no shows or maybe this weekend people so i thought I would post it here. Location maple Lake,minnesota...
  16. Tiki_Todd

    ARCO Build

    Just layed some black with a accent of gold metal flake. Rebuilt 5hp B&S ported, shaved, hand polished. Im Hoping to have this done for Winber, if im not out to sea that weekend....
  17. Biffmini

    resent weekend find

    I have know idea what this mini is Keep on minibikin :biggrin:
  18. Toycartony

    Bugers and Bikes at Pauls this past weekend

    Nice little turn out, Weather was good, Food was good, Riding was great and the People were even better.
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    Some weekend pickins

    Picked up a whole bunch of odds n ends this weekend. Bunch of nos air cleaner housings and mufflers. One of the coolest things are these chrome chain guards that I think I was told were made for Gemini bikes. But I'm sure they could work for many bikes. If anyone needs one I'll be selling...
  20. R

    Indian MM5B?

    This is the only pic I have right now. Will get some more over the weekend. Can anyone help me identify it?